Spectral Tableau Release

This piece has been in the Digital*Impulse vault for a while now but I’ve finally decided to release it publicly.

Spectral Tableau Wallpaper image

About The Artwork

Sometime last year I happened upon a great tutorial provided by the folks at PSDTuts and decided I’d try it out and see what I could make out of it.
I started following the tutorial and finally ended up with something that slightly resembled the final image in the tutorial. Since I was quite happy with the initial results, I decided to continue editing and see how else I could improve it, so I kept tinkering with the idea of diaphanous ribbons and started shaping them with the Warp Transform tool in Photoshop.

After much flubbing about with layers and masks to get the right look I ended up with what you now see. There’s a couple of small areas which I would have liked to have turned out different but I think it came out OK in the end.

LogonStudio Vista

Spectral Tableau LogonStudio Preview image

In addition to the wallpaper, I whipped up a LogonStudio Vista theme using GCTonyHawk7‘s fantastic Vista Reflections 3 template. I’m quite pleased with the way it came out as Justin did a great job on the glass effect and making the PSD easy to use provided you have a version of PS that supports Smart Objects and read the instructions Justin has kindly provided. ;P

If you still use Windows Vista, you can download this theme from my WinCustomize.com site.

So download, comment and enjoy. 8)

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