Oh, by the moons of Jupiter!!!

Well, after I dunno how many years now… -5, I think- I’ve finally found some backups of my earlier skinning work which I thought was lost for all eternity. :O

It’s unbelievable that after all this time they should resurface, as I’d given them up as lost forever (although I still have the crashed drive that I hope to somehow be able to restore when I can afford it), and it was all thanks to my little bro’s curiosity and looking through a bunch of CDs I unknowingly left at my dad’s house.

So I’ll be posting up additional icon packs from the Novacons series, and some others. Unfortunately, the photoGraphic Folder icons artwork was not recovered in this batch, but you never know, it might just turn up again. ;P

Stay tuned for the icon packs. :yay:

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