Firecrown Hummingbird 06 image

Firecrown Hummingbird

The Firecrown Hummingbird is one of the unique hummingbird species found in Chile’s Juan Fernandez islands and classified as Critically Endangered.
This is a watercolour practice piece for a commission. I think it came out ok. Had a blast on it but need to learn more. 🙃

I’ve recently started becoming interested in getting back to more traditional media and to that end, I’m starting to work with watercolours and gouache.
During this time I was also commissioned to create a hummingbird piece, so I figured watercolours would be a good medium to work with.

Below is a collection of my hummingbird studies and practice with watercolours.

Check out this process video of one of the above:

And the completed hummingbird commission piece:

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Do you love hummingbirds? Do you have any where you live?


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