#003 for 2020

Koalas. These guys have gone through the wringer during the Australian bushfire season with a reported ~30% of Australia’s population having been lost to fires currently ravaging the country.

Countless numbers have burned or succumbed to the effects of smoke inhalation, but many have also been rescued and handed in to wildlife sancturaries, injured but alive. Many may never make it back to the wild due to their injuries.
As a result, our sanctuaries and veterinary organisations have been flat out trying to keep up with the care and rehabilitiation of these amazing creatures.

If you’re in Australia, in a fire-affected area, and in a position to do so, please keep an eye out for them and give them a drink or a bit of a hand to get out of the fire. You can take them to the nearest sanctuary or veterinary hospital.

Also, if you’re overseas and want to help, please donate to any of the many charities or funds that have been set up to help the Australian wildlife. Here’s a list of a few sites accepting donations:

Thank you.

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