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The Angry Ghost King

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During one of the many art/drawing sessions I have with my nieces and nephews, my niece came up with a really cool design I wanted to recreate and put out into the world.
This was her quick doodle of an angry ghost wearing a crown:

Kairi's Angry Ghost image

Which she later turned into a drawing she hung up on her wall,

Kairin's Angry Ghost Design image

So I asked for her permission and came up with this initial design, which she really loved

Part Ice King (Adventure Time), part Boo (Super Mario), this guy is all attitude.

But although it turned out great, and she was really happy with it, I thought it could’ve been closer to her original design which looked a lot more minimalistic. So I spent a little more time with it and came up with this:

These would be great as stickers or put on tee-shirts, right? Let me know what you think below.


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