Superman Crest Exploration image

Superman Crest Exploration

I’m not a huge comic book fan but I really like the design of superhero logos & crests so I thought I might have some fun with Superman’s.
Maybe these are Multiverse versions? 😏

I might play with others in the future as the muse moves me. :think:

Which one is your favourite?

** Update **

I’ve made my favourite of these designs available for purchase in various colours on any of a number of items. Check out the examples below!

  • Super – Blue Tee
  • Super – Red Backpack
  • Super – Red iPhone Skin
  • Super – Red Tee
  • Super – Yellow Throw Pillow
  • Super – Yellow Tote
  • Super – Yellow Tee
  • Super – Blue Mug
  • Super – Blue Pin


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