The Emperor Canvas Print

A minimalist digital painting of an Emperor Penguin, inspired by Happy Feet Two, drawn in 2012 on an iPad, and printed on canvas, coated with protective gloss, & wrapped around a wooden frame. Print comes with a verified & numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

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Inspired during a viewing of Happy Feet Two, this digital painting attempts to highlight the natural and intrinsic beauty of the Antarctic-native Emperor Penguin in a minimal style.

As the tallest and heaviest of all living penguin species, with the overall characteristic black & white plumage, embellished with a yellow “scarf” and a slightly orange lower beak, these flightless birds are the modest, gentle, but regal monarchy of penguin… -dom…. penguin-kind… the penguin species.

This digital painting was drawn on an iPad 3 in 2012 using the Paper app (originally created by FiftyThree, now owned and managed by WeTransfer). It is printed on gallery-wrapped canvas (art wraps around the frame) and has been given a protective gloss coating to ensure its colour and brightness remains brilliant for many years.

Print includes a signed, verified, and numbered Certificate of Authenticity for your assurance and peace of mind.

** Please note that back orders may take several weeks to fulfil, though every attempt will be made to expedite these, and you will be kept informed of any issues. **

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Dimensions 49 × 32 × 6 cm

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