Australian Sugar Glider

Hello again all, here’s another #AustralianWidlifeWeek Copic marker illustration featuring the adorable Australian Sugar Glider! 🎨 These little fellas are a true wonder of nature, and I’m excited to share some cool facts about them.

First off, Sugar Gliders are tiny marsupials known for their remarkable gliding abilities. They use a membrane between their wrists and ankles to glide gracefully from tree to tree, looking like squirrels in fluffy wingsuits. 😝

Despite their name, these cuties don’t actually just eat sugar. Whilst they do have a sweet tooth for nectar, sap, and fruit, and help pollinate trees in the process, they do also eat small grubs & bugs.

What’s truly fascinating is that they’re highly social creatures, forming close-knit family groups and communicating through cute chirps and barks. And like most marsupials: Sugar Gliders also carry their young, called joeys, in an abdominal pouch!

But here’s the deal, folks: sadly, these precious gliders are facing threats from habitat loss and the pet trade. The Australian Sugar Glider is currently listed as a species of “Least Concern” on the conservation scale, but with ongoing habitat destruction, it’s vital that we continue to support their protection efforts.

Share and spread the word about these remarkable creatures and let’s work together to ensure their future in the wild.

Copic markers & fineliners, white pencil, Uni-Ball Gel & Posca on Strathmore Tan Tone Sketchbook.

Have you ever come across a Sugar Glider in the wild, let me know below? I’ve yet to see one personally but I’d love the opportunity.

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