photoGraphic Folder Icons: The Return

Back once again from the vault, after 12 years lost to the inescapable void of a broken hard disk, I bring you the third set of photoGraphic Folder Icons which I’ve dubbed The Return. You know… because they’re back from limbo.

photoGraphic Folder Icons - The Return Preview image

“How?!” you ask. Well, after the release of the second icon set, I had many requests to release new sets featuring the work of other artists, but since the original files were lost, I could not fulfill the requests. So after all this time I finally decided to redraw the entire thing and create some new sets, starting over anew by featuring some of my own artwork.

These icons come in both PNG format at 512×512 pixels, and in .ico files ranging in sizes from 16×16 to 512×512 with full alpha transparency.

So download, make use of them, rate, and/or leave me a comment below and enjoy.


And there’s a bonus

I had initially thought I might resume taking suggestions for great artwork to create new icons again, but given that I don’t know if I’ll actually have the time to make more I decided to go one better.

I’ve instead created a Photoshop template that will allow anyone to create their own versions. This template is released under a Creative Commons license that lets you modify and share your work with others, with the small caveat that you credit me for creation of the template, and link to this site and/or page.

So have at it, make your own icons and share them with me.  I’ll be happy to add them to a listing on this page where others can download them as well.


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