Reverse Icon Package

After almost a year in development, involving much tinkering and several re-edits focused on achieving the right look and feel, I present to you my GUI Championships entrant, Reverse IconPackage.

Reverse IP Preview image

With it’s decidedly future-retro look and grayscale palette, Reverse IP aims to take you back to the era of black & white visuals, and the wonders of emerging technologies of yesteryear but with a decidedly modern flair.

Desktop “tech-noir” styling is now that much closer to achieve with this IconPackage.

While it did not win any awards, it was well-received and praised for its unique styling and approach.
Here’s what the judges had to say and how they rated the package:


(Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock)



7/10 6/107/10
7/10 5/106/10
A grayscale concept that personally I think might have been better off as a colorful icon package. The problem with grayscale is that it tends to decrease contrast which can reduce usability. The art quality is top notch. Full [WindowsXP] and Vista support, users looking for a more minimalistic theme that’s easy on the eyes will definitely like this. This is a very complete icon set that will serve [WindowsXP] and Vista users very well. The only problem with this set is the grayscale can make it hard to differentiate between icons in some cases.
I want to like this set, but gray just doesn’t do it for me and makes it pretty hard for me to read my desktop. If this had a splash of color (not much, just a little) this would be a top-contender in my book.
Grayscale was a big risk and the icons have a very unique look as a result.

So take a look for yourself, download, and comment and/or critique if you feel so inclined. 8)

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