Star Wars Digi*Cons

As it’s been a while since I’ve posted, here’s an update with a bonus. :thumbsup:

Continuing in the legacy of the Digi*Cons—a set of smilies designed and created by BebiBulma :bebi: and I :digitalchet: for the Wincustomize :winky: website—I present to you a new set based on some of the characters of the fantastic Star Wars series.

Star Wars Digi*Cons Preview image

Making their new Digi*Conic debuts are:

  • the infamous Darth Vader :vader: ;
  • the loveable R2-D2 :r2d2: ;
  • along with his comedic side-kick C3-P0 :c3p0: ;
  • the ancient and wise Yoda :yoda: ;
  • the fierce Chewbacca :chewie: ;
  • and a lone Stormtrooper :storm:

More may follow in the future… as time allows, but in the meantime these are available for use in the comments below and downloadable for your sites as a pack here.


I’ve recently managed to update this package with some additional character icons.  Check them out!

Star Wars Digi*Cons Update Preview image

The additions are as follows:

  • the evil Darth Maul :maul: ;
  • the contemptible Greedo :greedo: ;
  • the bounty hunter, Boba Fett :bobafett: ;
  • and several ranks of Clone Troopers :cprivate: :csergeant: :clieutenant: :ccaptain: :ccommander:

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