Venus 2012

A workmate brought in a telescopic viewfinder and some dark tinted film (which we stuck to the scope with a bit of tape… :X ) so we could catch a glimpse of the the transit of Venus first-hand –a once in a lifetime event considering the next one is estimated to be in 2117. Despite its makeshift construction, the contraption worked extremely well and we could clearly see Venus as it made its way across the span between us and the Sun.

So I made this wallpaper to mark the occasion, and let’s face it, for bragging rights. ;P But even if you didn’t get to see it first-hand, take it as a consolation prize and display it proudly knowing you were alive and present for the occasion.

Comes in most popular resolutions. If yours isn’t included let me know. 😉

Enjoy! 😀

Created in Adobe Fireworks CS5

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