Adventure Time Fam Happy Snap

During this time of physical isolation, I spent a little time working an minimal image depicting some of the main characters from Adventure Time.

With this exercise I wanted to use very basic shapes to capture the characters and their personalities, and in addition as a learning exercise, I wanted to try to texture the scene using a technique perfected by one of my very favourite artists, Michael Fugoso (@fugstrator). His unique style makes his artwork look like pieces of coloured textured paper layered on top of each other, which looks fantastic.

I created my initial design in Adobe Illustrator, making sure all the elements were drawn in their own layer, then exported it as a .psd file to texture each layer in Photoshop.

Although the process is a little longer and much more involved, I think the overall result is much nicer and more organic than the typical flat colour image you would normally get from Illustrator. Of course I don’t have the

What do you think? Let me know below.

This piece is now available on my Redbuble store as fully licensed artwork on a large number of products. Check out some of the available items below:

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