Australian Flying Fox

The Australian Flying Fox, or Grey-headed Fruit Bat is a megabat species native to Australia.

Australian Flying Fox - 001 image

They can grow up to around 290mm (11.42”) from nose to toe, with a wingspan of up to 100cm (39.37”).
They are also the only flying Fox species with hairy legs right down to its ankles.

Found throughout most of south-eastern Australia in rainforests, woodlands & swamps, the Flying Fox roost in colonies of hundreds & tens of thousands.
At around dusk the colonies leave their roost to feed on pollen, nectar, & fruit, & can fly up to 50km in their search. As a result Flying foxes are also one an important pollinator & seed disperser species & play a major role in the maintenance of forest habitats.

This species are currently listed as Vulnerable & is threatened by any environmental impact that destroys its foraging & roosting habitat. It is however protected in most states.

Take a look at the process video below:

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