Australian Galah

Hey, peeps! Today’s artwork features the oft-overlooked Australian Galah, created with Copic markers, pens, white Posca & pencil. If you live in Australia you may see these birds almost daily but you might almost never give it any attention. Nevertheless, they’re such fascinating creatures, and here are some fun facts about them:

Galahs are native to Australia & are also known as Rose-Breasted Cockatoos due to their striking pink and grey feathers. They’re highly adaptable & can be found in a variety of habitats, from grasslands to woodlands to even urban areas. They are very active & love to fly & play, often performing acrobatic manoeuvres in the sky. They’re also known for their intelligence & problem-solving abilities; in fact, they’re one of the few species of birds that can use tools! Much like their yellow-crested cousins, they’re known to be pretty noisy & can be heard from a fair distance away,.

They’re highly social creatures & enjoy living in flocks. In fact, they’re so social that they’ll even mourn the death of a flockmate.
They’re also pretty good at imitating sounds, including human speech, which has made them a popular pet in some parts of the world. They can also live as long as 80 years so they make for great lifelong companions!
They are monogamous & are yet another animal that mates for life. They also display affection by grooming each other.
Galahs are herbivores & eat a range of foods including seeds, fruits, flowers, and nuts.

Thankfully, Galahs are classified as a species of Least Concern, which means their populations are stable for now. But they do face threats from habitat loss & feral animals like cats and foxes, & like most animals are susceptible to pollution.

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