Norfolk Island Parakeet

Here’s another colourful Copics creation! This illustration features a Norfolk Island Parakeet.

The Norfolk Island Parakeet, also known as the Norfolk Island Green Parrot, is not only one of the rarest parrots in the world, but it’s also endemic to just one tiny island located between Australia & New Zealand.
What makes them so rare? There are currently only about 50-60 of these parrots left in the wild!! Meaning they’re Critically Endangered, so it’s imperative to contribute to conservation efforts if you’re able.

This really hit home for me. imagine this beautiful bird, with its striking green plumage, vibrant red crest, & black & white beak, just disappearing forever! 😔
Thankfully, organizations are working hard to prevent that. From habitat restoration to captive breeding programs, efforts are underway to save this bird from complete extinction.

This Parakeet is well known for its playful & sociable nature. They’re often seen hanging out in small flocks, chattering away & enjoying each other’s company. But despite their diminutive size (about 30cm long), these parrots have BIG personalities. They’re curious, intelligent, & love to play, whether it’s with toys or just goofing around together.

They’re a tree-dwelling species & are well adapted to life among the trees. Their sharp claws & strong beaks allow them to climb, & hang upside down to forage for food.
They’re known to have a varied diet that includes fruits, seeds, & even the occasional insect. They’re also important seed dispersers, which means they play a crucial role in helping to maintain the health of their ecosystem.

I hope this inspires you to learn more about this amazing bird & contribute to its conservation efforts.
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