Crowned Pigeon

Happy New Year everybody. Hope you had a fantastic holiday season and that this new year brings great things for you… for all of us. XD

Here’s my first marker illustration for 2023. 🤩

The Crowned Pigeon, or Goura, is a species of pigeon endemic to the island of New Guinea and surrounding islands. There are actually four separate species but all have similar appearance, and the males and females are almost identical but can be identified by their behaviour during courtship.

Crowned Pigeons can live up to 20 years. They forage for food on the forest floor, eating fallen fruits, seeds, snails and small insects.

This species’ conservation status is currently listed as Near Threatened due to rapid decline in its population due to hunting, habitat loss, and other environmental factors.

This particular image was inspired by the beautiful video work of @nohumanz_ . Check it out.

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