Macaca Nigra (Black Crested Macaque)

Here is my latest drawing. You might recognise it as one of David Slater’s now famous photographs of a somewhat cheeky Celebes Crested Macaque (or Black Crested Macaque as it’s also known… or by scientific name Macaca Nigra) who happened upon his camera and snapped a few self-portraits. I thought it was a great image so had to try to recreate the scene.
Although I think some of the proportions are a little wrong, which gives it a more comical appearance, I’m really quite happy with how it came out, and I had a blast doing it.

Created In: Paper by Fiftythree on an iPad 3 :ipad3: with a Pogo Connect stylus.
Time Taken: ~6hrs

With this drawing I decided to take live screen footage of the iPad screen as I drew, and ended up with over 5 hours worth of footage (and that’s only what I actually managed to record!) which I sped up 2000% in my video editor and distilled down into ~14 minutes of time-lapse goodness.
I also had a hell of a time learning how best to convert the footage into a digestible chunk and tried a bunch of tools with varying results. But it just goes to show that with the right attitude & motivation, one can learn a lot in a single weekend.

All up, the drawing took around 7 hours over the course of about a week, using the Paper app, a PogoConnect stylus and recorded live using the impressive Display Recorder jailbreak app.
Thanks also go to Tettix (, who graciously gave permission to use his awesome tracks in my videos.

Check out the video

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