Rufous-Necked Hornbill

The Rufous-Necked Hornbill. This distinctive bird, distributed mainly along North-eastern India, Bhutan & Southeast Asia, boasts a rich orange-red (rufous) plumage around it’s neck, head, & underparts, & bright blue colouring around the eyes, with glossy dark green elsewhere.
The beaks appear broken but is normal, and mature birds also sport black ridges along the upper beak.

They feed mostly on large fruits, seeds & berries, but do also hunt small mammals, rodents, & insects to supplement their diet during the mating season, or when the opportunity arises.

These beautiful birds have been hunted almost to extinction for their feathers and beaks, which are used ritualistically. As a result only around 10,000 individuals remain in the wild, but is considered completely extinct in Nepal.

It is however and fortunately currently classified as a protected species in India, China, Thailand and Bhutan, and is now officially listed as Vulnerable, to Near-Threatened after an increase in numbers due to on-going conservation efforts.

(Copic Markers, White pencil, White Posca marker & Ink on tan stock)

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