Shelby Anne Mary Margaret

Back early in March this year, my sister commissioned me to create a pet illustration to memorialise her friend’s very special feline companion who had recently passed. My sister wanted Sharyn to have a little something to help her remember her special friend, Shelby Anne Mary Margaret.

Of course I was more than happy to help. I usually like to request a small number of images that I can use to select my reference, as I like to study the images to find one that best speaks to me as capturing the essence of the subject. This can sometimes be somewhat confusing to people—and understandably so—as I often haven’t personally met, and don’t know the subject I have to illustrate. But every single time I’ve stuck to my process I’ve received positive comments from the recipients about how well I’ve managed to capture the personality or character of their loved ones. The process works, so I stick to it.

So I got a few images, made my selection, got to work, and came up with something special, which was then printed and attached to an acrylic block.

From all reports, Sharyn was very pleased with the finished product and it now sits on her work desk where she can see it every day, and that makes me happy. :)

Do you have or know someone who has a loved one who needs to be memorialised? Get in touch with me. I’ll do my best to ensure you end up with something truly special. :smile:

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