Scarab Beetles

Here’s a Scarab Beetles illustration I’d had on the back burner since 2009 finally completed as set of 4 beautifully hued pieces! :grimace:

I had wanted to make a scarab themed cursor set when I was really into Windows customisation & started with the initial design but it somehow got left by the wayside. I think I chewed off more than I could handle at the time.

So I figured it might be great to polish it off as a regular old digital illustration. But I dedided to play around with some colour combinations to highlight their amazing natural colouring.

What do you think?

I might actually revisit this at a later date with some winged versions. I’ve always been intrigued that these little guys are able to fly around. :omg:

Would you be interested in seeing these designs on any merch? I think it might be cool. Let me know below. :thumbup:

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