Had an idea I wanted to try to capture and thought I might make a wallpaper out of it.

Freedive Wallpaper image

As someone who has never really been deeper than 20 meters under the surface of the sea, I have a deep sense of awe and profound respect for freedivers; those brave indivduals that dive as deep as they can without any breathing apparatus for as long as they can.
The world record for the longest dive was for 22 minutes and 22 seconds, while the deepest was 214 meters!! That’s absolutely phenomenal.

In any case, I like how this piece turned out. I wanted to make it as minimal as possible, but still capture the feel of the depth and vastness that these divers reach.

Anyways, feel free to download and use this on your desktops or devices, and let me know what you think of this piece.

Download Freedive Wallpaper

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