I had a moment of inspiration this week and decided to put some miles on my drawing tablet with this illustration. It’s been sitting on my desk all lonely and unused for a little while, and I felt guilty because it really is a great tool. Anyways…

Mapuche is the name of the indigenous people’s of south-central Chile, south-western Argentina, and the Patagonias. Archaeological evidence dates the culture back to as early as 500BC & genetic studies suggests a different or long-lasting separation of Mapuche & Patagonian populations, meaning they are a historically different and unique people.

The design & styling of this piece was inspired by historical imagery, especially that of the headdress, though I did take some artistic licence with the some of the ornamentation. It’s entirely possible I got something wrong… this was after all a recreational piece.

This was drawn digitally in Photoshop with brushes downloaded directly from the Adobe website, on a Huion KAMVAS 12 tablet, and took around 3-4 hours. The typeface used is Paihuen Mapuche, by Benjamin Rivera.

Let me know what you think of this piece.

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