Philippine Eagle

The Philippine Eagle, the national bird of the Philippines, also known as the monkey-eating eagle, or great Philippine eagle, is a critically endangered bird species, endemic to the forests of the Philippines.

It sports an orange-brown & white-coloured plumage, and a shaggy crest. It measures up to 102cm (3.35ft) in length, and weights up to 8.6kg (17.6lb).
It is considered one of the largest of all living eagles in terms of length & wing surface.

These birds are opportunistic feeders & will eat whatever prey they find, but actively hunt flying-lemurs, monkeys, birds, flying foxes, giant cloud-rats, snakes, and lizards.

This magnificent bird faces an uncertain fate, as a result of mass deforestation leading to the loss of its habitat, It’s also vulnerable to pollution, pesticides, and poaching despite its protected status.
It is listed as Critically Endangered with an estimated 600 surviving specimens left in the wild as of 2015.

Media:Copic Markers, Coloured Pencil, Black ink, White Gel Ink.

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